Why should we prefer Plastic bags over Paper bags?

Why should we prefer Plastic bags over Paper bags?

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For many of you the title might be something confusing as to why someone will prefer plastic bags over paper bags but yeah plastic bags have an upper hand when it comes to cause of environment. In this post we are going to discuss some of them.


If we look towards this topic scientifically then we can surely say that paper bags fail to save environment in some scenarios. Completely shifting to paper bags might seem a necessary step but it is not true.

Increased manufacturing of paper bags will cause pressure on our natural resources causing it to deplete at faster rates. While plastic bags,weather it is manufacturing or recycling, consumes far less energy and resources. Plastic bags once manufactured do not require additional resources and can be efficiently recycled.


When it comes to usability, plastic bags always outperform paper bags. Usually plastic bags can be used many number of times to carry dry or even wet articles as it do not absorb water as paper does.

When it comes to waste accumulation we should think that getting rid of waste is easier than regenerating the resources consumed in paper bags manufacturing.

Plastic have a ton times more applications than paper weather be it carrying articles, storing something, packaging of liquid goods, making containers, etc, which are all recycled with almost the same process as of plastic bags. While recycling of paper articles is such a hefty task and efficient recycling requires huge investments.

When it comes to litter management a variety of plastic bags known as Bio-degradable bags can be used without any flaw.


So concluding everything we have discussed so far eliminating plastic is not a greener option at all but we should try to ensure balance.