Bio-Degradable Bags

Bio-Degradable Bags have the same strength as ordinary plastic bag, and cost very little extra, worth for the perseverance of the environment. They degrade and mix with soil without affecting its nutritional values, but can be recycled (through extrusion process) if collected in their life-time. They are precisely designed not to degrade in deep landfill hence preventing the liberation of methane. Bio-degradable bags are degraded by the same bacteria which acts on dry leaves and twigs and decomposes them into cell biomass like, lignocellulosic materials. Bio-degradable plastic is designed to degrade initially by a process which includes photo-oxidation  and thermal-oxidation, so it can degrade in dark.
We therefore present ourselves as a leading manufacturing company serving our prestigious patrons across the globe.

Key Features:

  • Environment- Friendly

  • Affordable costs

  • Various colors available

  • Need not to be disposed of